Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meeting Requirements

Introduction - Oct 22 9:37AM

Dr. Syphers,

My name is Laurabelle and I am currently a Junior at [...] High School. Thanks for being our adopted physicist! My favorite subject in school is math. I play on the varsity volleyball team and plan on playing in college. I want to major in physical therapy with a minor in photography.

What's the hardest or most diffiicult part of your job?

Re: Introduction - Oct 25 12:30AM

Hi Laurabelle,

I suppose the hardest part is when you get stuck trying to solve a problem and can't seem to get anywhere. It does happen -- more often than I'd like. (We don't have an "answer book" or a teacher that already has all the answers! Argghhhh!) But then, of course, that's what makes it an exciting job experience.

What kind of photography do you like to do? I dabble in that a little bit, too…


Re: Re: Introduction - Oct 28 7:04AM

I like taking macro photos because it allows me to accentuate little details in my subjects. I'm also getting more into landscapes and portrait photography.

What kind of photography are you into and what do you do if you have trouble solving a problem- do you leave it be and come back to it or go on to something else all together?



Re: Re: Re: Introduction - Nov 01 12:18AM

Hi Laurabelle,

I like to take landscapes, too, as well as architectural photos.

As for problem solving, yes I often let it go for a while and come back to it. Unfortunately, I typically do not have the option of going on to something else altogether (especially if my "boss" wants an answer tomorrow!) ;-)


Re: Re: Re: Re: Introduction - Nov 05 11:55AM

Although problem solving is the hardest part of your job, is it your least favorite or is there another aspect that you don't favor as much? And if so, what and why?


Laurabelle :D

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Introduction - Nov 07 4:31PM

Hi Laurabelle,

I want to point out that even though it may be hard, solving problems is probably the "best" part of the job. It's what makes it all challenging and exciting.

So, that said, I guess I don't like going to (certain) meetings and sitting there while I could be doing something more useful. There seems to be more and more meetings of this type as one gets older and more into the management side of things.

But, overall, I still enjoy almost all aspects of my work and think it is still very satisfying.


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