Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adopted yet again...

Another semester, another Adopt-A-Physicist session through the American Physical Society. This time, I was marked by three schools from Georgia, New Jersey, and North Carolina. There was quite a bit of discussion back and forth. Much of it was like the other sessions, but as always there were new questions and new takes on old subjects. Again, a great experience for me; I hope it was for the students! (I feel that it was.)

In the past when I have posted these discussions, I tried organizing posts by topics, or I have posted items in pure chronological order. This time, I have organized the entries by "threads" -- the threaded conversation between me and a particular student (or group of students) from beginning to end. Some of the threads are fairly long, especially the earliest ones. However, I will post each "thread" in its entirety to try to preserve the discussion. I'll be posting these over the next many days (probably for a couple of weeks or so). Hope you enjoy, too!

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