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Getting there

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Another senior here. Just wondering what kind of courses you took in college, and how you came about the job you have now.


Hi M2,
I took a lot of physics, astronomy, and mathematics -- probably half of all my courses were in those subjects. I also minored in psychology and I took a lot of education courses so that I could get my teaching certificate. After all that, there were the usual English, philosophy, art appreciation, etc., etc. I really enjoyed college a lot!

After I got out of college I got a teaching job teaching high school physics and math. I only taught for one year, because the school ran out of money and laid people off. But then I got an intro job at Fermilab which was just down the road. I found that FASCINATING and it compelled me to go back to school to study more physics and get my Masters and PhD degrees. I think it's important to really try to do what you love to do. If you love your work, then you'll always be happy working, right? AND, since you love what you do, you'll probably become really good at it and therefore earn a good living at it!


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