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Title: Re: Re: From our awesome Physics class!
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Hey Michael,
Wow, that sounds like a wonderful day!! Those calculations must get pretty tricky from time to time. But, is it possible that your researching the string theory at all because K would like to know. She finds that quite interesting as well!!!!! A now wants to know what else do you do? And A2 wants to know how you got into astronomy. What made you like it at such a young age? If theres any other interesting information feel free to let us know!

Your fellow physicists...

p.s. when i say project...i mean pumpkin launcher!

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Hi Guys!

K: I, personally, am not working on String Theory, but I agree that it sounds very intriguing! Of course, as a scientist, I want to see any theory make a prediction that we can test with an experiment, and as far as I know String Theory hasn't come up with such a test -- yet! But maybe it will!

A: I like photography and tennis and bicycling, though I did a lot more of all of those things when I was younger. I also enjoy traveling, which I get to do once in a while in my work.

A2: I think it was partially the Apollo space program that was going on when I was a kid that got me thinking about astronomy. Plus, the fact that I could actually see stars from my backyard. (Not so easy to do in most places these days!) My older sister bought me a book and a star chart, and then I was hooked!


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Forum: Adopt-a-Physicist Fall 2009 Physicists
Thread: Michael Syphers
Title: Re: Re: Re: Re: From our awesome Physics class!
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Hey Michael, its your fellow physicists!!

We are just finishing up our topic on projectiles and now getting ready to do our pumpkin launch. Do you have any structural ideas or designs that would give us the best results to launch our pumpkin as far as possible.

We remembered you said you traveled to various places, we would like to tell you our favorite place we traveled.

D went to the Carribean
A2 went to Seabrook island in south carolina
K went to rome
A went to bahamas.

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?

Your friends,



I haven't launched many pumpkins; but, remember: 45 degrees! (neglecting air friction, of course)

I've traveled quite a bit in my work. I've been all around the country, to Europe many times, and to Russia (Moscow, and Siberia). It's really hard to pick a favorite; I probably have favorites for different reasons. I really like the mountains, so Colorado is great, as are the Swiss Alps. For beaches, Puerto Rico is hard to beat, and Barbados and Aruba. But the beaches on the East Coast -- just for walking along and thinking -- are great, too. (The Hamptons in New York come to mind...)

In Europe, one of my favorite cities was Amsterdam, and I really enjoyed Paris, too, though most people weren't as friendly as in Amsterdam.

Have a great weekend!

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