Monday, January 30, 2012

Lucky 13

Wow, I hadn't realized that it had been a whole year since I posted anything to this site...

So, another U.S. Particle Accelerator School session comes to an end. This time, I was fortunate enough to teach at the winter session in Austin, Texas -- one of my favorite towns. Our course in the Fundamentals of Particle Accelerators had students from across the globe participating to learn about the basics of accelerator physics and (some) technology. I think we all had a lot of fun, both learning and teaching. (Both for me, at least!) UT is a great host, and the city has so much to offer in terms of food, music, and personality!

Here's a group photo of our class:

Coming back to the land of the SSC brought back many memories, and provided some interesting class discussions.

Still have the lead, with 13 courses overall taught at the USPAS. But, I'm told there are a couple of people trying to catch me. Guess I'll have to sign up again soon...


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