Monday, October 20, 2008


Working at several national laboratories over the past 28 years and giving public tours, giving lectures, and training young employees (scientists, engineers, operators, administrative assistants, ...) in the process, I've replied to a lot of questions about physics, both general and specific. Most recently, after helping guide a couple of talented high school interns at Fermilab, I realized that some of the things I've talked to them about and some of the presentations I made to them might be useful to many others not directly employed in the field. Maintaining a blog site is perfect for me in this regard - - I can post links to interesting sites, articles, etc., relay pictures and video links, and so on; but also, directly receive and answer people's questions, which is what I value most.

As a way to get started, I recently signed up for the Adopt-a-Physicist program through the American Physical Society, wherein I was "adopted" by three high school physics classes (from Ohio, Mississsippi, and Illinois) who posted questions to me almost every day for three weeks. It was a great experience, and basically started me blogging. So, I'll use this site to allow those students to continue if they like, and hopefully others will get in on the fun.

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